Monday, 14 March 2016

Tips to Paint a Flower Meadow in Acrylics

how-to-paint-a- flower-meadow-in-acrylics

Happy Monday everyone ! I hope you all had a great weekend. Today I am so excited to share with you on how i painted this flower meadow. It’s my favourite subject because it’s so easy and really fun to paint.

If you are struggling to paint a meadow, then this tutorial is just for you.

Colours I used to create the yellow flower meadow:-

  • ·         Hooker's green
  • ·         Cadmium Yellow

Brush i used
  • ·         No 8 bristle brush


 1. Underpaint the grass
   Load your no 8 bristle brush with hooker's green and scrub in with vertical strokes

2. Highlight the leaves
    Mix hooker's green with cadmium yellow to create a light green shade. Dab gently to create light      green leaves. Let it dry.

3. Paint the flowers

   Here comes the fun part. All you have to do is load the cadmium yellow and just dab, dab and dab    to create the flowers.

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Happy Painting..

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